2nd place collegiate male- Noah Sedam
2nd place Junior Varsity Squad-Bart Wilson,

Gage DeLoach, Sam Bowman  score 250/300

2nd place junior varsity team-Bart Wilson,

Gage DeLoach, Sam Bowman. 250/300

We are experiencing a shortage of volunteer range safety officers (RSO) for the rifle/pistol range.

The rifle/pistol range is only open for use when a RSO is on duty to supervise the safe use of the facility.

For us to maintain our regular daily (Monday-Sunday) operating schedule, we must have more volunteers to support us with our range safety officer program. If we do not have trained volunteers to serve as RSO's,

we will have to adopt an abbreviated operating schedule for our rifle/pistol range.

This will be dictated by the number of available support volunteers. 

If you are interested in volunteering for our RSO program, please call

Joshua Hyatt at (423) 943-3827 for more information. 

Bart Wilson 86
Gage DeLoach 78
Sam Bowman 86
Noah Sedam 90
Andrew Hooper 88

​Jackson Barr 77
Mason Danner 58
Gabe Overbay 68
Jake Melvin 73
J.J. Bowman 78
Eli Fleenor 96
Jake Frye 88
Alex Rose 89
Nate Stephens 67
Sam Bowman 92
Gage DeLoach 93
Bart Wilson 92
David Hensley 85
William Bowman 89

                                       Congrats to everyone and thanks to parents/family for supporting them!!!

TN SCTP shotgun (Trap) meet held at the Oak Ridge Gun Club Saturday (May 27, 2017)

We have had a committee working on rules for our club skeet and trap leagues. After much effort and deliberation, they have produced an updated rule book that will be adhered to during these events. The document can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the button below.

TN SCTP shotgun regional trap meet held at the Hog Heaven Gun Club Saturday (June 02, 2017)

3rd Place Rookie Team  (Jackson Barr, Mason Danner)
3rd Place Rookie Squad (Jackson Barr, Mason Danner)
1st Place Rookie Male-Jackson Barr

3rd Place Intermediate Entry Team (Gabe Overbay, J.J. Bowman, Jake Melvin)
3rd Place Intermediate Entry Squad (Gabe Overbay, J.J. Bowman, Jake Melvin)
3rd Place Intermediate Entry Male- J.J. Bowman

1st Place Junior Varsity Team (Sam Bowman, Gage DeLoach, Bart Wilson, David Hensley, William Bowman) total score of 451
1st Place Junior Varsity Squad (Sam Bowman, Gage DeLoach, Bart Wilson, David Hensley, William Bowman)
2nd Place Junior Varsity Male-Gage DeLoach

Club members,

            We often have numerous projects going on around the club property. These projects include maintenance, grounds keeping, mowing, etc. These projects take precedence over normal use of the facilities. Some of these events may require parts of our club to be temporarily unavailable. If you are asked by any of these workers to discontinue use of any part of our facilities then you must comply with that request. 

We will be having a Tennessee hunters safety FIELD DAY on Saturday October 21st. This event will run from 9am-1pm.  

Click the box below to be taken to the registration page.

For more information contact Stanley Shell at (423) 361-6439. 

​Our next club membership meeting will be held on Tuesday September 19th. All 2017 members are invited to join us for a meal at 6:30. The membership meeting will be held after the meal.

Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Classes Are Held On The Second Saturday Of Each Month (March-December) At Our Clubhouse.

No classes will be held in January or February.

For More Information  CLICK HERE.

Club Bulletin