Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Classes Are Held On The Second Saturday Of Each Month (March-December) At Our Clubhouse.

No classes will be held in January or February.

For More Information  CLICK HERE.

We will be having a Tennessee Hunters Education FIELD DAY

on October 9th, 2020. The FIELD DAY will run from 6:00pm-9:30pm.

Click the link below to register.

If you have any questions, contact Stanley Shell at 423-361-6439 
or shotshell@embarqmail.com

Our club military and civilian rifle/pistol matches as well as the bullseye pistol match start has been postponed due to the current national healthcare situation and concerns. We hope to start on June 06, 2020 and will assess that possibility closer to the date. Please check here for any updates. 

October 07, 2020 UPDATE

The board of directors has met and discussed how we are going to proceed with ​our club's November membership meeting ​which is when we have our annual club officer elections. The meeting will take place on Tuesday November 17th at 6:30pm. 

Due to the current and ongoing situation with COVID-19, we have decided NOT to have a meal at this meeting. The sole purpose will be to have our annual election process and voting. We are asking those who want to attend the elections to RSVP by sending a notification email to surrealchef@dogfuzz.net. Depending on how many attendees are present will dictate how we have to structure and conduct the election process. We will try to have social distancing with the space we have available in the clubhouse. It may be possible that overflow may be staged outdoors at the pavilion. 

We are asking for members to please do the following:

Only ONE person for each membership to attend the election.

Dress according to that nights weather. 

Bring a face mask as they will be required.

Email surrealchef@dogfuzz.net if you plan on attending.

We are experiencing a shortage of volunteer range safety officers (RSO) for the rifle/pistol range.

The rifle/pistol range is only open for use when a RSO is on duty to supervise the safe use of the facility.

For us to maintain our regular daily (Monday-Sunday) operating schedule, we must have more volunteers to support us with our range safety officer program. If we do not have trained volunteers to serve as RSO's,

we will have to adopt an abbreviated operating schedule for our rifle/pistol range.

This will be dictated by the number of available support volunteers. Members need to check the online RSO schedule before coming to the range to confirm that a RSO is scheduled for the shift.

If you are interested in volunteering for our RSO program, please call

Joshua Hyatt at (423) 943-3827 for more information. 


Social distancing WILL be maintained

RSOs have the authority to require anyone who appears to be sick to leave the property

No gathering in the range house/club house

DO NOT attend if you are feeling ill

Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem

RSOs are volunteers will be respected

Use common sense, as always

Safe and courteous participation is required

Comments can be emailed to surrealchef@dogfuzz.net

We will be evaluating these procedures and actively adapting to this situation.

These procedures may change daily if necessary.  

Please check here daily for any updates.

Volunteer range safety officers are needed for the rifle/pistol range. If you would like more information for this program, please email surrealchef@dogfuzz.net or call 423-943-3827


04-04-20 April POSTPONED
05-02-20 May POSTPONED
06-06-20 June
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08-01-20 August
10-03-20 October
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