Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Classes Are Held On The Second Saturday Of Each Month (March-December) At Our Clubhouse.

No classes will be held in January or February.

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New membership application notice!

Several members and prospective members have recently mailed items to the gun club using our street address.  There is no mailbox or other delivery method for the club to receive mail at this address and this will prevent, or at least delay, delivery of your mail to the club.

 Please send all mail to: Unaka Rod & Gun Club, P. O. Box 572,

Johnson City, TN 37605-0572

We will be opening a new 5-Stand shotgun field in the near future.  The 5-Stand field will share space on our current Shotgun Field #3 with the existing trap and skeet fields.
The exact date for opening has not yet been determined, but it should be quite soon.  The 5-Stand field will only be open on specifically scheduled days.  Watch the gun club’s calendar for the specific schedule.
Upon opening the new field, ALL SHOOTERS (Regular, Senior and Guests) will pay a fee of $3.50 per round to shoot.  As always, shooters must provide their own guns and ammunition (25 to 28 shots per round).  Shooting fees may be revised beginning on April 1, 2022.


FREE Online Tennessee Hunters Education Course

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For questions contact Stanley Shell

(423) 361-6439


We are experiencing a shortage of volunteer range safety officers (RSO) for the rifle/pistol range.

The rifle/pistol range is only open for use when a RSO is on duty to supervise the safe use of the facility.

For us to maintain our regular daily (Monday-Sunday) operating schedule, we must have more volunteers to support us with our range safety officer program. If we do not have trained volunteers to serve as RSO's,

we will have to adopt an abbreviated operating schedule for our rifle/pistol range.

This will be dictated by the number of available support volunteers. Members need to check the online RSO schedule before coming to the range to confirm that a RSO is scheduled for the shift.

If you are interested in volunteering for our RSO program, please email surrealchef@dogfuzz.net

 for more information. 

Wanted - Treasurer for the Gun Club
We need a member to take over the job of Treasurer for Unaka Rod and Gun Club.  The volunteer should have basic financial skills to make bank deposits and write checks as required.  He or she should not live too far from the club, as roughly weekly trips to the Main Post Office will be required to check our Post Office Box for bills as well as visits to Commercial Bank on East Market Street in Johnson City to deposit funds collected.
If you may be interested in volunteering for this position, please call the Chairman of our Nominating Committee, Carl Taylor at (423) 213-9047.


Due to a lack of volunteer range safety officers, we will have to limit our days of operation for the rifle/pistol range. We will not be opening the rifle/pistol range at the regular times on Tuesdays or Thursdays until further notice. 

We will be having an evening opening on the 3rd and 17th of June and July 1st , 15th and 29th from 5pm-9pm.

We regret this inconvenience. If you would like to volunteer to help with our RSO program, more information is listed below


Club closures can be viewed by clicking the yellow "Club Calendar" button on the upper right. We will post any specific closures on this calendar. Range safety officers also have the responsibility to close the club if they feel it is appropriate for the safety of our members.


Winter weather is now upon us, If there is snow on the roads, please do not attempt to enter the club. If Washington county schools are closed, the club will be closed. If road conditions are questionable, the club will be closed.