General Rules

General Rules

It is the goal of our club to maintain a safe, friendly and comfortable facility where  outdoor sports people, hunting, marksmanship and firearm enthusiasts can gather to enjoy our common likes. Safety is our main goal ahead of anything else. Our club facilities and membership has continued to grow over the years as more people have been introduced to the activities that we all enjoy. Our club provides for shotgun, rifle and pistol use along with archery and fishing.  We hope you always have a safe and fun time while at our club.

1. Only members and guests of members are allowed on club property. The club member must be present with their guest(s) at all times.

2. Members are responsible for the actions of their guest(s).

3. Members and guests are to conduct themselves in a professional and sportsman-like manner while on club property or attending club functions.

4. There is to be no consumption of alcoholic beverages on the club property unless authorized by the Board Of Directors.

5. No person shall be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants while on club property.

6. The speed limit on club property is 15 miles per hour. Motorists are to watch out for various wildlife. We like our woodland creatures.

7. Members have the responsibility of reporting to the Board of Directors any willful or flagrant rule violations or destruction of club property.

8. Members have the responsibility to see that all rules are obeyed. Members should not hesitate to point out safety violations.

9. There is to be no hunting on club property unless authorized by the Board of Directors.

10. Members violating Club rules or local, state, or federal, hunting , fishing or firearms laws are subject to revocation of their club membership.

11. Members and guests will always abide by the safety commands and instructions of all Range Safety Officers (RSO).