200 Yard Shoot

200 Yard Shoot

Director:  Clifton Rakic

Email: clifjr3351@gmail.com

Unaka Rod & Gun Club - 200 Yard Shoot

Unaka Rod and Gun is hosting a 200yrd centerfire, and a 100yrd rimfire shoot.  It will be held on the third Saturday of each month.  The beginning date is 15 April and continues through October 21st.

The shoot will start promptly at 10:00AM.  The gates will be open at 9:00AM.  Practice and or sight-in will be from 9:20-9:45AM.

There are four categories, hopefully everyone will find a suitable category to participate.

Vintage Military Rifle

This category includes rifles of wood and steel, in their original configuration as issued by any military. Reproduction Military rifles are allowed in this category.  There are two classes: iron sights and scopes sniper class.  The sniper class must also conform to the military configuration.  Rifles in this category can be any type of action and can be smokeless or black powder.  Examples are, but not limited to: M1 Garand, 1903/1903A3-A4, US 1917, 1884 Springfield 45-70. Foreign service rifle examples are:British Enfield MKIII/MK4, Swedish 1896/1894/M38, Finnish M39, etc.

Sporting Rifle

This category includes both modern and vintage rifles.  These rifles can be in any type of action, ARs are in this category.  Again, there are two classes, iron sighted or scoped.  All sporting rifles must be 11 pounds or less. Examples are; bolt action, semi-auto, single shot, lever actions.

Varmint / Target / Precision

This is a broad category that is open to both modern and vintage, military and civilian.  The configuration of these rifles are built or equipped to produce a high degree of accuracy, generally under one minute of angle.  Again, there are two classes, iron sighted and scoped.  This category will use an additional scoring target for scoped rifles, the “Know Your Limits” target.


All rimfire rifles will be at 100 yds.  Again, the two classes are scoped and iron sight.  All action types are included. 

There will be a sub category for accurate rimfire rifles. Examples include but not limited to: Anschutz, Coopers, Kimbers with high magnification scopes.  This sub category will use the A-17 target.


All shooting will be conducted off the shooting benches.  Having a spotting scope is a big help.  Front and rear rests are permitted.  However, a single unitized rest that supports the front and rear such as a lead sled is not permitted.

Number of shots for the record is ten.  Practice or sighting shots are unlimited., (within the allotted time)


All 200yrd targets will be the NRA MR52.  After sight in time the MR52 will be covered with a mee 52C.  Any shots outside of the 52C will be marked or covered.

The Varmint / Target / Precision will use additional “No Your Limits” target.

All rimfire, except the sub-category, will use the NRA 100yrd smallbore TQ-4 target.

Subcategory rimfire will use the A017 target.

Director of the event is Clif Rakic, E-mail clifjr3351@gmail.com

Any questions about the shoot are to be directed to him.