Archery Range

Archery Range

The archery range is located on the right side of the drive just after you pass through the club's main entry gate. There is an "Archery Range" sign at the pull-off where you should park. Access to the archery range is gained by walking up the short path to the clearing. Target butts are provided for use. You must bring your own paper targets.

Archery Range Rules

  1. No broad head arrows are to be used on the range.

  2. Shoot only at the target butts provided by the club.

  3. If you must go behind a target, lean your bow against the target face for safety.

  4. Archery range use is permitted during daylight hours only and is available to use any day that the club's handgun permit class is not using the area for handgun qualifications (This is usually the second Saturday of each month).

  5. Archers are responsible for the safe condition of their arrows and other equipment.

  6. Trash is to be removed upon leaving the archery range area.

  7. If you move any of the pistol tables, please return them to their original location.