Precision Bullseye

Precision Bullseye Pistol Match

Director: John Harris


Precision Bullseye Pistol Match Information

Unaka Rod & Gun Club Precision (“Bullseye”) Pistol Match Information

Participation in these matches is restricted to members of Unaka Rod & Gun Club and their guests. Guests who have participated in three matches should be asked to join the Club.

Dates and Times: Matches are typically held on the first Saturday of the months April-November following the Civilian/Military shoots. The usual start time is around 10:00 AM and generally concludes about 1:00 PM.

Firearms/Ammunition: Any safe semi-automatic pistol or revolver may be used.

  • For the rim fire match it must be chambered for .22 long rifle, .22 long or .22 short cartridges. Center fire pistols must be of .32 caliber or larger.

  • Competitors must provide their own firearms and ammunition.

  • Targets will be provided at the match. We use the B-8 target for slow fire and the B-6 target for timed and rapid fire stages.

  • Although revolvers may be used, most competitors use semi-automatic pistols because of rapid-fire strings. You may use iron or optical sights. Laser sights are not permitted.

Courses of Fire: Phases for both the rim fire and center fire matches are identical and are commonly known as a National Match Course. They are:

  • 10 rounds slow fire (10 shots in 10 minutes) at 50 yards

  • 10 rounds timed fire (shot in two 5-shot strings, 20 seconds each) at 25 yards

  • 10 rounds rapid fire (shot in two 5-shot strings, 10 seconds each) at 25 yards Competitors may participate in either the rim fire match, the center fire match, or both.

Procedures: Slow fire phases will be self-timed by the competitor and fired at the shooter’s discretion prior to the timed and rapid fire phases. When all competitors have completed their slow fire phase(s), audio recordings will be played over the range’s loudspeaker system to conduct the two timed fire and the two rapid fire strings for each match. All firing will be done gripping the pistol with only one hand. Cost: $1.00 per match – $1 rim fire and $1 center fire. First-time shooters shoot free.

With the exception of the self-conducted slow fire phases, the matches will be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of NRA Pistol Rules. The Match Director has final say concerning any deviation from the NRA rules. Use of a chamber safety flag will not be required for these matches.

Check the Club’s web site,, for match scores. No individual awards will be presented. These are informal matches and are not sanctioned by the NRA. Scores will not be sent to the NRA for classification purposes.

For any questions please contact the Match Director, John Harris, .

A valuable resource for information concerning Bullseye Shooting is an Internet site called The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Shooting, at