Scratch League

Scratch League

Director: Mark McInturf


Scratch League Information

  1. We will be having a seven week individual skeet and trap league. For those that are interested, we will also be shooting skeet doubles. This is the first time skeet doubles has been included in a league so there will be no awards for skeet doubles.

  2. Two (of the seven) lowest scores will be dropped.

  3. We will compete for High Skeet, High Trap, High Overall, and classes. No honors will be awarded for skeet doubles.

  4. The cost will be $3.50 a round.

  5. In the event of a tie a shoot-off will be used to decide the winners in High Skeet, High Trap, and High Over-all. Field to be used during a shootoff will be determined by coin flip for any of the 3 fields (trap or skeet).

  6. In the event of a tie in the classes, the winner will be determined by long run. The five highest scores will be used. Skeet will use the front long run. If tied, the back long run. Trap will use the front long run and if tied the next long run. The five highest scores as they were shot will be used.

  7. Handicap: We will give two (2) birds handicap per round for .410 gauge; one per round for 28 gauge; one bird per 50 for 20 gauge.

  8. The league will be on Monday nights.

  9. Registration or sign-ups will start at 7:00. We will start shooting as soon as the sun will allow. Shooters will be squadded on a first-come basis.

  10. Shooters will be responsible for helping reload the houses.

  11. Although we will be taking shooting very seriously, this will be a social league focused on having friendly competition in the fall. We will be encouraging friendship and club growth.

If you have any questions please contact Mark McInturff at (423)928-7428 or at