Membership Orientation

Welcome To Unaka Rod & Gun Club

This presentation is to acquaint you with our club, its purpose, facilities, and rules. It is designed to provide information for new members and their families as well as prospective members. The ultimate goal is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience at our club.

Unaka Rod & Gun Club first opened in 1949. Our club officers include a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and nine directors. Board of Directors meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month. Members in good standing may attend but only club officers can vote on issues presented. We are considered a non-profit organization and operate in accordance with our bylaws.

General Membership Info

Membership categories include an Annual Family Membership, Senior Membership for those age 65 and over. Guests may be brought by members. Each member is allowed up to two guests at any one time. Current membership dues are $100 Annual Family and $50 Annual Senior.

General membership meetings are held 1 time per year. The dates and times for these meetings are posted on our club website.

The Club's primary means of communication and information is via our newly updated website which is Email addresses, contact phone numbers, event details, rules and schedules can be found on the website.

The 3 General Firearm Safety Rules

Our primary concern is the safe enjoyment of our facilities by all members and guests.

THREE GENERAL SAFETY RULES that should be adhered to by all shooters at all times.

Use Of Club Facilities

In addition to the general firearm safety rules, Unaka Rod & Gun Club has instituted safety rules that govern our different facilities. Some of the rules are general in nature, however, some rules apply specifically to each of our different facilities. Our facilities include Shotgun Range, Rifle/Pistol Range, Archery Range, Fishing Pond etc.

General Rules

Only members and guests of members are allowed on club property. The club member must be present with their guest(s) at all times.

Shotgun Fields – Rules Overview

The shotgun fields are open for use on Thursday night 6:30pm-9:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-3:00pm and Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm. The shotgun field RSO may close the shotgun fields an hour early if no shooters are present so please arrive early to shoot. Inclement weather may affect hours of operation.


Rifle/Pistol Range – Rules Overview

Rifle/Pistol Range facilities include a conditioned range house with restrooms, shooting range out to 200 meters, 20 covered concrete bench firing positions and a dedicated handgun area with 50 yard range. Snacks and drinks are available for purchase inside of the range house.

Rifle/Pistol range hours of operation are as follows:

Range may be closed due to inclement weather or when temperatures are below freezing.

Rifle/Pistol Range – General Range Safety

Eye and ear protection should be worn at all times while at the range. Anyone in the firing line area (under the covered roof) is REQUIRED to wear eye and ear protection while the range is “Hot” (under live fire).

Rifle/Pistol Range – Permitted Target Types

Wooden target stands, bases and cardboard backers are provided free for member use. Members will need to provide their own paper targets to affix to these backers.

There are some restrictions as to what can be used as a target or target stand.

Steel Rimfire:

Self healing targets or Rubber targets

Steel for Centerfire:

Other targets:

Rifle/Pistol Range – Targets Types NOT PERMITTED

No targets of opportunity such as birds or wildlife.

Rifle/Pistol Range – Ammunition NOT PERMITTED

We DO NOT ALLOW the following ammunition types to be used at our facilities.

Rifle/Pistol Range – Additional Information

The rifle/pistol range will occasionally host competitions for outside organizations. Range closures will be posted on the online club calendar.

Club Programs

Unaka Rod & Gun Club also sponsors youth shooting programs that cover shotgun and rifle disciplines.

Archery Range Use

The archery range is located on the right side of the drive just after you pass through the club's main entry gate. There is an “Archery Range” sign at the pull-off where you should park. To access to the archery range, walk up the short path to the clearing.

Archery Range Rules -

Fishing Pond

The fishing pond is located in the valley below the entry side of club grounds. It can be accessed by the trails located at the end of the paved drive near the lower trap field. The pond is nicely shaded and has a wooden fishing platform.  Fishing is open to members and guests all year.

Club Pond Rules - 

Member Involvement Within The Club 

Unaka Rod & Gun Club's staff is all comprised of member volunteers. Volunteers are from range safety officers up through the elected club president.


Once your completed application and membership fee has been received, we will issue you a current security gate card as well as a laminated permanent ID card. The gate card is to be inserted into the gate card reader that raises the entry gate. Make sure that the card is inserted with the arrow pointing towards the reader. Ensure card is inserted flat (not at an angle) and that you feel a springy resistance when fully inserted. Never try to raise the gate manually as it will be damaged.